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Suicide Prevention Call Centre

When a Suicide Prevention Call Centre was to be setup in Samoa they required a mission critical solution that was simple to use, be robust and reliable and handle to high pecks in call traffic. The solution a Hybrex “G” Series PBX system to provide a Flixible Call Centre Operation.

When Fa'ataua Le Ola's Suicide Prevention Support lines went live after a week of full ge Media buildup and coverage the staff members expected an surge in calls. "However, we had no idea there would be so many!" says director Ofeira Salevao. The Director said they have received 485 calls in the first couple of days of the launch of the 800-LIFE Call Centre, many of these calls were deemed "high impact' or "serious". When dealing with these types of calls the communications platform must operate faultlessly, there are no second chances we someone is reaching out for help.

Ms Salevvao said they were very impressed with the Hybrex PBX system provided by Hybrex of New Zealand. "There is no way we could have coped with all of these calls without it," she said. "It has performed flawlessly during this high risk period, and time of very heavy demand".

The “GX” Series Hybrex offers a solid call centre platform for Small to Medium sized call centers with the resources required for the high demand in call traffic and the flexibility to adapt to Call Centre requirements.

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