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Federal Aviation Administration

In early 2005 the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) went through an evaluation process in the Central US Region looking for a solution that could provide a solid Communications Platform for Air Traffic Control Towers and supporting offices.

After extensive investigation of the products available and the solutions offered the FAA selected the TransTel TDS series PBX. This was due to the functionality and reliability of the TDS platform and the fact that TransTel was willing to design some special features and capabilities that the FAA required.

TransTel’s President Joe Morris states “Working with our dealer Key Telecommunications Solutions and the FAA has been a really terrific project. The FAA presented us with some real needs and requirements and we have taken the time to develop them for the FAA. An Air Traffic Control Tower here in the USA has some unique characteristics which we were happy to accommodate the FAA with. Backlit displays for the air traffic control tower, a thoughtful default database program suitable for FAA installations and some specialty tweaking for some tenanting requirements have helped to go a long way in the relationship." 

"The overall objective of the FAA is to provide reliability for all installations and to allow for an efficient cost factor for each site. The TransTel TDS Series have delivered on both fronts. Our dealer goes the extra mile when installing these systems by putting in place state of the art power and lightening protection. Many of the sites to date have never had failures at all based primarily upon the care taken at installation. As we look back to the installations already in place we are all proud of the performance of the systems and overall project.”

After a rigorous set of field trails the FAA have approved the TransTel TDS PBX system as their standard “mission critical” platform for FAA Air Traffic Control Towers within the Central Region.

Over the last three years TransTel Systems have been installed in other Air Traffic Control Towers along with supporting office locations, each and every solution had the commitment and support of the TransTel Team.

Below is the brand new state of the art $12 million Air Traffic Control Tower in Fort Wayne Indiana.

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