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National Hospital of Samoa

The National Hospital, Tupua Tamasese Meaole (TTM), located in the capital, is the sole teaching hospital and provides primary, secondary and limited tertiary care.

It is the regional referral hospital for rural Upolu and as the national referral hospital also provides specialist medical services, outpatient clinics, surgery and inpatient care for people from Savaii. Medical specialists from TTM Hospital provide outreach clinics to Malietoa Tanumafili II hospital in Savaii and District Hospitals in internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics. The national pathology, medical imaging, pharmacy and dental services are also based at the TTMH site.

The National Hospital of Samoa approached SamoaTel for a complete telephone solution that can cater for their needs as a hospital. For years the National Hospital had been facing numerous problems with their telephone system.

As time has changed, so has technology which has lead them on a search for a system that can not only cater for their existing needs but also for the future. The solution that was proposed and accepted by The National Hospital was the Hybrex GDS telephone system.

After the installation of the Hybrex GDS telephone system all problems such as proper transferring of calls to various departments, conference calling, voice messaging, after hours assistance, paging and much more have now been solved.

For years the National Hospital had been limited in the number of calls it could handle, now with a Primary Rate Access line connected through the GDS, all calls are now answered without any lost calls, this was especially important for the emergency calls involving life and death situations.

As a emergency back up to their communications platform the Hospital also connected 4 trunk lines and Hybrex GSM routers (Cellular Phone Interfaces) to the Hybrex GDS system in case the Hospital is isolated from the SamoaTel Network. .

One of the most attractive features of the Hospital has commented on in relation to the Hybrex GDS was the ability to transfer doctor’s calls to cell phones and the Doctors been able to transfer the call back as if the Cell phone was and extension on the GDS. (GSM Extension Feature)

Communication at the Hospital has now been taken to a new level, a level not only better for the Hospital but for the people of Samoa.
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