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National Hospital of Samoa installs GDS

6/03/2008 10:54:11 p.m.

The National Hospital of Samoa has recently identfied that they needed to replace their existing communications platform as it was not meeting the needs of the Mission critical enviroment they required.

The National Hospital of Samoa approached SamoaTel for a complete communications solution that could cater for their needs as a hospital.

The solution that was proposed and accepted by the National Hospital was the Hybrex GDS system intergrated with a Network solution from SamoaTel.

After the installation of the Hybrex GDS telephone system all problems such as proper transferring of calls to various departments, conference calling, voice messaging, after hours assistance, paging and much more have now been solved.this was especially important for the emergency calls involving life and death situations.

Hybrex is proud to be associated with The National Hospital of Samoa and SamoaTel in providing this solution to the people of Samoa

(See Hospital Case Study)

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