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DK6-21 Blue Tooth 2.0

14/11/2008 10:44:28 p.m.

 The DK6-21BT phone is now released with Bluetooth 2.0. Trials of this phone have shown a big improvement in Bluetooth performance and functionality over the previous V1.1 and 1.2 used in most earlier devices. 

One of the issues with Bluetooth has been an inconsistency with pairing and switching and V2.0 is better in this regard. 

There are 2 ways of using Bluetooth headsets on the Hybrex system. 

You can set the phone to auto answer and ALL calls to the extension will be auto answered after a brief tone. The advantage of this is not having to press the answer button when the phone beeps. The disadvantage is not being able to control when you answer the phone including being in inappropriate places when the phone rings (need I say more). Another disadvantage is the Headset is continuously on so battery life is an issue. 

The other method is to have the headset on Manual answer and press the answer button on the headset when you hear the beeping in the headset. With Bluetooth 2.0 this is the best method as the increased reliability of V2.0 means very few problems with answering calls if any. 

For a receptionist handling many calls this is the best option allowing control of answer and allowing the easy disposal of existing calls before having to answer the next and also an increase in Battery life.

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