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IP38-61 IP VoIP Keyphone Released

11/10/2011 9:53:43 p.m.

In line with the availability of the new IP Platform components, Hybrex is proud to announce the availability for field trials of the IP38-61 IP Keyphone.

As the name implies this phone is not a standard IP phone. It is a keyphone.
It has the same fascia and functionality as the Hybrex DK6 keyphone - with the exception that, being an IP phone, it can be situated anywhere power and a compatible broadband Internet, or intranet, connection is available.

It is in essence a globally portable system extension keyphone.
With full DSS/BLF 36 key array, 2 line display, function keys, handsfree and headset function, access to all host system functions such as : lines, standard call handling, conference, intercom, paging, voicemail, system and personal speed dial, and more - there is almost no difference between the IP38-61 and a keyphone in the host office.

What this means is that what used to be a difficult task : communications provisioning of your remote business workers such as teleworkers, home office, mobile site office, in fact any geographically remote personnel, is now easy, low cost, and full facility.

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