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Cell Phone Recorder Released

12/10/2011 11:37:27 p.m.


Auto Telecom New Zealand is proud to announce the Release of the  Artech MR100 Cell Phone Recorder. The MR100 is the worlds first Call Recorder for all mobile phones. It quickly and conveniently connects to any mobile using Bluetooth and is packed with professional call recording features for the most demanding user.
You can search by any parameter and playback calls on the device, add comments and importance to calls and set bookmarks (key points in a conversation). The Artech MR100 can even announce to callers that your calls are being recorded.
The MR100 has many programmable options and comes complete with Desktop player software which allows even more control of your calls using your PC.
·   Connects to any mobile using Bluetooth.
·   340 hours of Call Recording on the device.
·     Saves all conversation including date, time, caller id, comments and importance
·   150 hours standby, 8 hours recording before battery re-charge.
·   Auto record or manual record your conversations.
·   Security features to prevent unauthorized access.
·   Complete with desktop PC Call Management software
·     Advanced search and playback of calls on the device.
·     Handset, speakerphone and headset (supplied) operation

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