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The Hybrex G1E, G2 and GDS series Hybrid IP systems allows the connection of Industry Standard IP Phones (SIP) or soft-phones to be installed locally and / or remotely to there IP Station cards. If the Hybrex IP Phone (IP3-3000) is installed with this card, it will become as functional as a normal DK3-21c Digital Phone (Same LCD message, same LED indication pattern, etc.) allowing it to operate just as if you were in your office. Elegant design, European style and friendly touch which satisfy all demands of the business office. The IP3-3000 is simple in design but offering complete features and functions that are required in today’s business environment. The IP3-3000 IP phone equips with maximum 10 programmable (CO, Extension, Functions and Speed Dial) keys with dual-color LEDs and 17 functional keys.
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Call Protocol: SIP
Work for ITSP application
One Ethernet port
2*16 Character Mode LCD Display
10 Speed Dial keys
14 features keys with 5 LED indications
Remote configuration and upgrade through web browser.
PPPoE Auto redials capability.
Support Hold/Call Forward/Transfer function.
Support 3-way conference
Speakerphone capability

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