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The G1E-Plus is a Hybrid IP Communication System combining the advantage of a traditional Telecommunications Platform along with the convergence of VoIP technology allowing a flexible solution that best suits the diverse needs of your business.

This integrated IP-based capability protects the customers investment and ensures a wide range of options for expanding the customers information and communication infrastructure as their business grows.

The G1E-Plus offers a unique combination of outside line interfaces. It can serve as a branch office system for VoIP multi-site applications or choose between efficient ISDN lines or PSTN.

The G1E-Plus also has the option to be upgraded to the GDS series platform for enhanced performance and system growth.
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Auto AttendantIncreases the standard 4 ports to 6 automated attendant ports to answer in- coming calls simultaneously.
VoicemailEvery station has a dedicated voice mail box to let callers leave messages when the user is busy or away from their desk. The Virtual Mail Box is available to provide many special features, such as group mail box, selective product promotion announcement, etc.
Conference RoomsThere are up to 5 conference rooms, each room has maximum 8 participants. Total 16 participants could be talked in the same time.
Conference RecordingRecord conference calls when needed.
Answering Machine FeatureListen to caller leaving a message in your mailbox and answer the call by just lifting the handset.
On-line RecordingRecord important or malicious conversations when needed. On demand as required or every call automatically.
Desktop IntegrationIntegrate with desktop applications on your computer. The options range from dialing off Microsoft Outlook Contacts through to having screen popping of Microsoft Outlook, MYOB, Gold Mine, Quick Books through our Xcqute partner software. It also allows integration ODBC compliant Data Bases.
Easy InstallationFactory Ready - All G1E Telephone systems are "ready to go" right out of the box. A well thought out default database is factory installed on each system which meets the needs for most installations. This alleviates hours of on site time, minimizing installation costs for both dealer and customer.
Easy MaintenanceSolid-state design minimizes trouble and eliminates periodic maintenance. Expansion- Various Interface Cards for simple, modular expansion. Versatile programming and options for ease of selection. Database Flash Memory Back Up - Customer data is backed up when the power is turned off and there is no battery to replace. Battery Back Up (System Operation) - GE systems can be equipped with an optional battery back up which keeps the system operational in the case of a commercial power failure. Customer Care Programming - Customers and service personnel can easily communicate and perform programming right over the telephone. HYBREX telephone systems allow programming and voice conversations to be performed at the same time. Advanced software upgrades – Through the RS232 connection, system software can be upgraded easily without replacing any firmware.


PSTN Analogue Lines(Max)8
ISDN Digital Lines (Basic Rate Channels)6 (12 Channels, S/T Interface)
VoIP Lines8
Total Extensions28
Digital (Max)24
Analogue Stations (Max)20
Data Extensions (ISDN 128kbits)3
ACP Phones24
Music Sources*Internal / External / Tone / VMU
Direct in dial Numbers100
Name Direct in Dial NumbersYes
Calling Line Identification (CLI)PSTN (FSK)*, ISDN or VoIP
Name Call Line IDYes
Calling Line Identification to ExtensionYes(Digital & Analogue phones)
Differential Ringing per Call ID / DDIYes
Trunk Groups8
Station Groups8
Operator Groups8
Pickup Groups8
Account Numbers1 Million
Verified Account Codes99
Least Cost RoutingYes
Total System Speed Dials100 (Standard)
Remote Programming / Support*Yes
RS232 Port*1
Conference Calls*15
Conference Rooms*Yes (5)
Conference RecordingYes
Battery Backup*Yes (3 Hour)
Voice Card Options* 
Delay OperatorYes (STD)
Auto Attendant DayYes (STD)
Auto Attendant NightYes (STD)
Integrated Voice MailYes, 4 Port, 10 Hour
External Voice Mail IntegrationYes (Standard or Enhanced)
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)* 
Call AccountingYes
Access Security IntegrationYes
TAPI Integration 1st PartyYes
TAPI Integration 3rd PartyYes
Administration SoftwareYes
System Manager SoftwareYes
MYOB IntegrationYes
MS Outlook IntegrationYes
Goldmine IntegrationYes
ODBC IntegrationYes


Auto Attendant*
Account Code Capability
Answer Call Waiting
Automatic Answer-Intercom
Automatic Call Back (Camp-On)
Automatic Line Access
Automatic Redial
Call Waiting
Call Transfer
Call Fowarding (Follow Me)
Camp On
Conference Call*
Conference Room*
Conference Record*
CLI on both External & Internal Call*
CTI Integration*
Check In & Check Out
Day & Night Service
Delay Operator Announcement*
DID Trunk*
Direct Call Pickup
Directory Dial for Speed Dial
Distinctive Dial Tone & Ringing
Door Phone Calling and Opening*
Executive Override (Barge In)
Flash (Open Loop Timed Flash)
Hunt Groups
Last Number Redial
Line Reverse Detection
Music On Hold*
One Touch Dialing
Paging / Meet-Me Page
Programmable Keys
Room Status for Hotel
Security Code
System & Personal Speed Dial
SMDR Buffers*
Toll Restriction
Voicemail Integration*
Wake Up Service*

Phone Features

Account Code Display
Absent Message Display
Call Duration Timer
Call Processing Information
CLI or Caller ID Information*
Called Extension Name Display
Call Log Information
Conference Information
Date & Time Display
Dialled Number
Enhanced Station Programming
Message Waiting Caller Information
Name of Outside Caller

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