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Hybrex GSM Router
Tired of the high cost of calls to mobile numbers from a business network? The LCR (least cost routing) armoury is now complete with the addition to the network of the Hybrex P8-GWD GSM Router. Designed to convert fixed line calls to mobile calls the P8-GWD is ideal for small to large business with reduced communication costs in mind. The Hybrex P8-GWD operates in the GSM 900 MHz and GSM 1800 MHz frequency bands providing an easy radio connection for voice and data transmission as the mobile trunk for your PABX/KTS system, or as a fixed "mobile" telephone for home use.
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Economy and EfficiencyPABX/KTS or standard telephone.
Easy InstallationThe small size of the router requires very little space for installation.
Low MaintenanceSolid-state design minimizes trouble and eliminates periodic maintenance. Expansion is easy and modular.
Call ID GenerationThe P8-GWD converts the GSM digital caller ID signal to the standard FSK Caller ID signal for fixed line use.
Polarity Reversal GenerationThe P8-GWD if required can convert the GSM digital disconnection signal to a polarity reversal signal for fixed line use to enable quick disconnection.
SMS - Short Message Service (Optional)The P8-GWD can send and receive SMS, via its RS232 port, to the mobile network.

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