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ADD Multi Purpose Switch
One of the most innovative products to hit the headset market in some time! Designed and conceptualised by ADDCOM in Australia, the ADDCOM Multi Purpose Switch gives you greater flexibility in the setup of your headset and handset, has recording capabilities, training functions and easily swaps to different telephones. The Multi Purpose Switch has it all

product Code 01-00013
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- Headset/Handset switch for telephones without a dedicated headset socket
- Mute switch
- Recording jack allowing the user to attach recording media such as the ADDCOM Digital Recorder to record conversations
- 3 training modes: 1. Mute trainer only 2. Mute agent only 3. Mute both trainer and agent
- Simplified two position polarity switch,automatically detecting positive or negative polarity, allowing your headset to connect to many different types of telephones
- Microphone volume control, allowing the user to increase the microphone volume on their headset (not available on all models)
- Recording jack allowing the user to attach a recording device to record conversations

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