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Cell Phone Recorder (MR100)
The Artech MR100 is the world’s first Call Recorder for all mobile phones. It quickly and conveniently connects to any mobile using Bluetooth and is packed with professional call recording features for the most demanding user (full spec. Overleaf).

You can search by any parameter and playback calls on the device, add comments and importance to calls and set bookmarks (key points in a conversation). My Minder can even announce to callers that your calls are being recorded.

The MR100 has many programmable options and comes complete with Desktop player software which allows even more control of your calls using your PC.

- Connects to any mobile using Bluetooth.
- 340 hours of Call Recording on the device.
- Saves all conversation including date, time, caller id, comments and importance
- 150 hours standby, 8 hours recording before battery re-charge.
- Auto record or manual record your conversations.
- Security features to prevent unauthorized access.
- Complete with desktop PC Call Management software
- Advanced search and playback of calls on the device.
- Handset, speakerphone and headset (supplied) operation.

The Artech MR100 Package Contents:

- My Minder unit with 2Gb memory (340 hours call storage).

- Mini USB cable (to charge device on PC or to upload calls to PC).

- Power Adapter/Charger.

- Headset with ‘Answer’ key.

- Quick reference User Guide.

Software & Documents on Device Memory:

- Desktop Software & Config Software

- Full User Guide

- Sample Wallpapers and Record Warn Announcement (.wav)

- File contents description document.

Bluetooth Features:

- Bluetooth 1.1 connects to most phones

- 4 Digit security PIN

Device Recording Features:

- 340 hours recording on device.

- GSM 6.10 XtR format.

- Auto records all calls.

- Manual record calls.

- End of call countdown prompt (do you

- Wish to save this call).

- Record/No Record by phonebook entry

- Memo record feature (dictation).

- Saves date, time, call type, caller id,

- Comments, Importance & Bookmarks.

- Search Recording Features:

- List all calls.

- List Incoming.

- List Outgoing.

- List Answered.

- List Unanswered.

- List Memo.

- List Important Calls.

- List calls with Comments.

- Search for specific number.

- Search for specific day/time.

Recording Review:

- View recording detail.

- Add Comment (pre-defined).

- Add Comment (ABC text).

- Set/del Importance.

- Add Bookmark (key conversation Point

- Add to Phonebook.

- Delete recording/Log.

- Recently played log.

- Dial recording number.

- Fast forward, pause, rewind

Ring/Answer/Talk Features:

- Select ring type (tone, vibrate, LCD Flash)

- Handset, Speakerphone or headset operation

- Caller ID and mobile phonebook Name indication

- Swap between mobile phone and device at any tome

- Volume control.

- Out dial via mobile.

- Play recording to current caller.

Phonebook Features:

- 50 Name Phonebook, 3 numbers per name.

- Record/No Record by Phonebook entry

- Keypad Speed Dial 10 numbers.

- Record Warning to Callers:

- No record warning (off).

- Beep tone (1400Hz 0.5sec).

- Customized wav announcement.

System Features:

- Ignore calls under X seconds.

- Set maximum number of stored calls.

- Customize pre-defined comments.

- Set date & time format.

- Set USB mode & key lock timeout

- Security codes (up to 8 digits).

- Set key lock on/off.

- Set USB mode lock on/off.

- Set device name (for multiple users).

- Set keytone on/off.

- Select Wallpaper.

- Select Auto Delete memory %.

- Export & Import system settings.

- Default settings
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