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Artech 4 Line Voice Recorder
AR400 Voice Recorder, ARTECH brand new product, is the 4 line voice recorder for analog lines. It is specially designed for trading firms, stock agents, customer service centres who require voice recording.

Different from other AR series, AR400 voice recorder supports SD card as storage media instead of HDD. All the functions can be operated directly by AR400 voice recorder touch pad. Just click the screen, the AR400 voice recorder will guide you to the configuration, records searching, live monitoring and playback of the phone conversation.

The AR400 voice recorder can be controlled through LAN and internet, it accomplishes all the functions of AR family as well. Easy to install, no PC required, database system secured. The AR400 voice recorder is another solution for enterprises that require professional voice recording equipment.

- Touch pad operation
- Built-in SD card for large storage capacity, high speed for data transmission, easy to expand and portable for carrying
- Database management, recording files can be searched or read conveniently
- Works with normal analog phone, mobile phone and conference recording
- Recording includes complete voice recording, start time and date, call in/out numbers
- Search by telephone number, length, in/outbound, time, date
- Compatible with PC for exporting recording files
- Incoming caller ICON popup, support Outlook contact importation
- Multi-authorization for user management, answering machine function, remote voicemail retrieval
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