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Multi Site Transfer

The Hybrex GDS systems Auto Attendant can offer you the ability to dial directly to extensions, use Single Digit options to Dial a Extension or Group of extensions or pick up your Voice Mail messages. But are you aware the Hybrex GDS Systems Auto Attendant will also transfer calls Off Site using Centrex on CO Lines or on ISDN lines? This allows great flexibility and utilization of lines on the GDS system and gives you more options of how you run your organization in situations where you have your business in different locations.

Example on how it works!

  1. Customer Calls into your Hybrex GDS system in Auckland Office.
  2. The Hybrex GDS answers with main “Auto Attendant” Greeting giving options on what the customer can dial.
  3. The Greeting the Hybrex GDS plays gives an option (Dial 1) that will allow the customer to be transferred to the Companies Christchurch Office
  4. Your customer dials option 1 (Single Digit)
  5. The Hybrex GDS then puts the customer on “Centrex” hold and dials Christchurch Office number.
  6. The Hybrex GDS then releases the External Customers line, completing the Centrex transfer to Christchurch office, this frees up the Auckland Line on the GDS for other calls.

The above can be used in various applications, there are many sites around the Country using this functionality, if you have any question please feel free to contact us.

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