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Hospitality Solution

The Hybrex GDS system has been thoughtfully designed with the Hospitality industry in mind, the GDS system will add real value to your Hotel business and enhance your guests experience during their stay. GDS systems are modular in configuration and are designed to accommodate as few as 10 Rooms to over 1200 Rooms, the GDS Hospitality package can be flexibly configured not only for basic telephone needs but offers a total package of seamless integration of Front Desk and Guest features that will offer an unprecedented level of service to both Hotel Operations and to all Hotel Guests. The GDS offers the following:

Guest Room Phone Functionality

- Each Guest Room has its own voice mail box with Hospitality based voice prompts for ease of use for all Guests.

-GDS system will walk the Guest through their voice mail with easy to understand voice prompts, giving the following options:

  • Play the Guests current message
  • Setup a wakeup call
  • Control the Guests rooms
  • Do Not Disturb status

- Set a password for room Voice Mail (optional for the guest)

  • The GDS will light a “Message Waiting” light on the Guests room phone.
  • The GDS will generate Wakeup calls at the requested time, playing a Wakeup greeting personalized to your Hotels requirements
  • Single digit dial options from the Guests phones for services such as Room Service, Restaurants etc
  • Emergency call notification to Hotel Management if room dials 111,option on GDS system to pay Hotel Details, address and room number in background of emergency call in case Guest not sure where they are or are confused, Back ground message will stop when Management phone joins emergency call.
  • Guest Voice Mail reset and all greetings cleared on check-in of a new Guest

Administration Phone Functionality

Hybrex understands that every Hotel is different in it’s Operations and that the communications system is needed to be fully flexible to match these unique requirements. The GDS Systems Console and Administrator Phones can be setup using any one of the following modes or if required a combination of these modes:

1) Console Key Mode- Any number of Consoles can be setup with one touch keys to control Hotel functionality, these include:

  • Room Check In / Check Out
  • Room Class of Service control
  • Room Status on DSS keys (Checked In, Checked Out, Room Clean, Room Dirty, Guest on phone, DND)
  • Set Room Wakeup calls
  • Emergency 111 call notification

2) Console Voice Mail Administration Mode- The GDS offers an unique voice mail administrators mode that enables complete staff flexibility: using a cordless phone for example, any staff member can move around the Hotel and still control the following GDS functions via this Voice Mail Administration Mode. GDS system will walk the Administrators through the options with easy to understand voice prompts, giving the following options:

  • Check a Guest room in or out
  • Set a wakeup call to a Guest room
  • Leave a message to a Guest room
  • Control a Guest rooms DND
  • Check Guests room phone for messages
  • Reset Guest rooms password
  • Lock / Unlock a Guest rooms phone
  • Change the Guest Phone Toll level
  • Control of Normal VMU card administration (AA greetings, Delay Operator etc)

3) PC Base Front Desk / PMS Integration- The GDS can integrate to most Front Desk or Property Management packages, this can be done via its own CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) protocol or by using a Fidelio Certified PMS (Property Management Services) integration. Please See Links Page for more information on who we can Integrate with.

The GDS can connect to Front Desk and Property Management Packages via LAN port or RS232 interface. The functionality it can offer will depend on the particular software package you select, but the GDS can offer the following options:

  • Call Accounting / Call Charging
  • Check In Room
  • Check Out Room
  • Set Guest Name
  • Wake Up Call Set
  • Multiple Wake up Call Setting
  • Room Clean Status
  • Room Status
  • Set Room DND
  • Call Charging
  • Room Toll Level Control
  • Voice Mail Box Room Reset on Check In
  • Mini Bar Food purchases

GDS Emergency 111 Notification

The Hybrex GDS system offers an unique Emergency call notification. If a Guest dials 111, the GDS will immediately proceed to dial the Emergency Services, at the same time the GDS will call all Hotel Operator Consoles, the Consoles will display an Emergency Notification on the screen givening details of the room the call is room, when any one of the Hotel Operators answers the Emergency call they will immediately be put into a conference with the Guest Room and the Emergency services and can Manage the Emergency Situation.

Note: an option on the GDS is to play the Hotel Details, address and room number in the background of the emergency call in case a Guests not sure where they are, unable to speck English, or confused, the back ground message will stop when Management / Operator phone joins emergency call.

Guest Room Emergency Assistance Required Alarm

Utilizing the existing Guest Room Phones wiring and a call button the GDS can provide an Emergency Assistance Required call option for the Guest Room. When the call button is pressed the Hotels Consoles will ring and display Emergency Assistance Required and give Guest Room Details.

Delay Operator Queue Announcements

The GDS system offers a Operator Delay Announcement for incoming calls to the operator queue. Two messages are available, the first of which is used to say that the operator is busy. A second optional message can be used if the operator is still unavailable and the caller wants to indicate this to the outside caller.

Automated Attendant Options

The GDS system has full Auto Attendant functionality, an incoming caller can dial Guest Rooms (optional), extensions, Single Digit Options, Information Mail Boxes or dial the Operator. Guest or Hotel Employees may also call into the Auto Attendant to retrieve voice messages.

As you can see from the above details the Hybrex GDS is a powerful Hospitality Solution, it can be setup and used in various configurations and applications, there are many sites around the Country using this functionality, if you have any question please feel free to contact us.


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